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It’s been said that a company’s products and services are about as good as its customer support. Well, we’ve learned quite a bit over the years about client and customer support and we’re launching a solution to make sure we keep that area covered: GLE Support

GLE Support will service its current client base as well as maintain an open forum that will address client and non-client issues. The website will be equipped with several means of support, including Live Chat Support, live IM (Instant Messaging) Support, Remote Support, Forums, and a simple Help Desk Ticketing system.

The launch date for the GLE Support website is February 17, 2011.

Here is a list of the methods we will be using and how they will aid in supporting our clients:
Live Chat Support
Live Chat Support operators will be available to assist clients and non-clients alike via a graphic link located in the top right menu. Users will be able to ask questions and get support on their account using this nifty and simple little tool.

Live IM Support
Instant Messaging is simply another tool that we wanted to employ for clients to be able to contact us. we added the Digsby IM Widget ( to the Support website to make it easier for us to communicate with all of our clients that utilize various IM tools. We will have all of our IM ID’s posted on the website for those who prefer to use their own desired IM client.

Remote Support
This is a very handy tools for us that allows us to login to a client’s desktop or laptop system without having to walk them through configuring (or re-configuring) their firewall, which can be quite cumbersome. Many times, this can be a great time saver when trying to troubleshoot an issue with a client.

A great way to find out information without having to interact with anyone. Clients and Users will have the ability to communicate with one another on any given issue, make suggestions, find answers to problems, etc. if a topic is not addressed in the Forums, we encourage all clients and Users alike to send us an e-mail on the topic. We’ll review it and post it if it fits!

Help Desk Ticketing System
For clients who need an issue addressed directly, we suggest using the Help Desk Ticketing System. This way, a specified tech can respond to the issue, also placing a “live” person with the client to assist in resolving an issue.