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Many of you have seen the e-mails from us regarding Dropbox (A Cloud Storage utility that allows you to save files remotely, assisting in avoiding data loss.) We're using it greatly and now we are extending our usage of it to you.

Because of the direction we're now moving in, we are requesting for all GLE Clients to follow the link provided, sign up and get an account, provided you don't have one already, and create a folder to share with GLE. This is due to the requests we sometimes receive from Clients desiring to have a copy of their files.

Once you've done this, we will transfer current and/or future files into this folder, allowing you to retrieve a copy of the files and have them for your files and records. File types can include Receipts, Copies of Proposals/Agreements, Pictures, you name it. We also encourage you to consider using Dropbox for your backup needs. Many Users don't consider a backup utility until it's too late (Your computer crashes and all your data has been lost!) Be proactive. Setup an account today!

(For those of you who may be a little "technically challenged", click the following link for step-by-step instructions.)

Dropbox Instructions:

  1. Follow this link and create a Dropbox account. If you already have a Dropbox account, proceed to Step #2.
  2. Create a folder with your Name or the name of your Business. The icon is a blue folder with a green dot and a plus sign on it. (When you mouse over the icon, it will show the name "New Folder")
  3. Now locate the Share a Folder icon. This will appear in the form of another folder but with a rainbow on it.
  4. A prompt will appear in the middle of your page asking you to "Invite collaborators to this folder". In this field, input our e-mail address,, and click the Share folder button.
  5. All done! We'll get the notification and transfer files into your shared folder.