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Going Paperless - Evernote (
Evernote is becoming an increasingly useful tool, and if you haven't heard of it before, well, allow this to be your introduction. It is a great utility that gives you the ability to store tons of information in note form. I know this sounds very simple, but I tell you, it's better than all those sticky notes and text files you have scattered everywhere. I remember at one point having ton's of text files and things that I had written down and when I got to Evernote, I was able to organize all those those concisely into one place.

If you desire to go paperless, like store Invoices for all your clients, or save copies of all of your business proposals, this is a great utility to have in your business arsenal. You can even encrypt data (256bit, Government-Grade) in notes. I mean, the list truly goes on and on, and I'm constantly finding more and more uses for it. As I continue to streamline my business processes (which is literally ever day!) I look for, and many times find, a way to integrate Evernote into the picture.

Some of the features of Evernote include:

  1. The ability to attach simple files such as PDF, DOC or XLS files
  2. Attach media files such as JPEG, MP3 and WAV files
  3. Keep your notes synchronized cross-platform between multiple devices
  4. Record audio files directly into Evernote
  5. Share notes via e-mail or even share Notebooks (Like folders) with other Evernote Users

*NOTE: If you'd like a consultation on how The GLE Group can help you streamline your business using Evernote, contact us either via e-mail at or call us at (817) 668-5438.