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You want to go into business. You need to go into business. You've got a great idea but it seems as though it will take weeks or even months to get it going. You need to setup a business and you need to do it fast. We've got the solution to get you up and running in 24 hours or less!

With GLE's Express Business Setup Package, we can get you operational and have you contacting existing and new Clients with the look and feel you need, presenting your business model in, and with, excellence.

In 24 hours, you'll have all of the following*:

  • Registered Business DBA
  • Organization Structure (Corporation, LLC, LLP, etc.)
  • Website Presence with Company E-mail Address and Hosting
  • New Business Phone Number
  • New Mailing Address
*Some processes may vary depending on the needs of the Client.

Contact us for more details by sending an e-mail to or calling us at (817) 668-5438.