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Your hosting account is the “land” that your website resides on. It is necessary in order for a user to pull up your website on the internet. There are many website hosting companies that exist. There are also many misconceptions about hosting as well.

One misconception is that you need a lot of everything to host your website (i.e. server space, loads of e-mail accounts, all the features (bells and whistles) you can get, and the list goes on. In reality, these days, depending on the type of website that you have built, you truly only need WHAT YOU NEED.

Many hosting companies will sell you more than what you truly need, so the value versus what you pay for is unbalanced, therefore, you can actually waste money. But, on the other hand, if you anticipate growth for your business, hence growth for your website, then you may do well to order more than what you need.

If you hire a web design firm or contractor to build your website and they setup your hosting account, be sure to get your login credentials to your account. This includes the actual account as well as FTP information.