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Tonido ( is a cool little app I found some time ago because I needed a way to access files from my home network without a lot of bells and whistles (i.e. FTP setups and the like). And even though I'm quite IT savvy, I, like many of you, still like the simple things in life.

So, being the iDevice (Apple's neat device line-up) person that I am, took a stroll down Apple's app lane and found Tonido,
which is a free app that allows you the ability to tap into your PC via your phone or device. It also gives you the ability to download files and listen to some of your music.

As far as streaming is concerned, I wouldn't necessarily try streaming my music library with it. The jury's still on lunch about that and you can try out Google Music to stream your home jukebox to yourself.

Here's some info I snatched from Tonido's website that will give you some bullets on more details.

  1. Access all your files, Share and sync large files, listen to your music and more.
  2. Access your documents, photos, music and videos using native iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry apps
  3. Your data is always safe and always stored locally with you and never on the cloud.
  4. Access your desktop using a personalized web address (
  5. Customize your experience with only the Tonido apps that you want.
  6. Nothing to configure or setup and Free. Available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.