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Dear GLE Hosting Clients,

There are a few very important things we need to make you aware of regarding your domain name account.

When we initially setup your domain name account, we have cataloged in our system a renewal date whereby a corresponding invoice is sent out every year two weeks prior to expiration. Typically, Domain Registrars send out notices (which we have come to us) 3 months/90 days prior to expiration. Our experience has been where we deem it best for us to handle these notices so that there is no confusion in any way about your domain name renewal.
We recently experienced a situation with a client where a company named Domain Registries of America sent them a notice stating that it was time for them to renew their domain. In the notice, a transfer request was also stated. The client assumed it was GLE and responded to the notice, authorizing the renewal/transfer and allowed their Credit Card to be charged. They later found that it was not GLE who sent them the notice, their domain expired and went back on the open market, and their card was charged.

Unless your domain is registered with another registrar, GLE handles your domain name account. And even with your domain being registered with another registrar, we still manage your account from a technical standpoint. In the future, please be advised that if you do not receive any notices from GLE Domains regarding your domain name, DO NOT RESPOND. If you are unsure about any notices you receive, please contact our office immediately at (817) 668-5438 and we will assist you accordingly.